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Mrs.Chanchal Rani


I am glad to welcome you to the Jyotiba Phule Government College, Radaur- one of the Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) of Haryana which started functioning from the year 2018. I am honored to be associated with such an institute imparting quality education to the students and that to with the name of Jyotiba Phule; a social reformer. The contributions of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule in the field of education especially for the women is known to the country. He is called the pioneer of women’s education in India. The staff of Jyotiba Phule Government College is also striving for the upliftment of the students by continuously striving to extend the reach of education beyond the barriers of culture and location with a keen focus on quality rural area by offering them quality education. Empowering the dreams of students with education is our objective which we live by and try to fulfil each day. We firmly believe that education is the soul of the society which passes from one generation to another. With faculty guidance, our first batch of graduates are ready to become informed, responsible, and productive citizens. The staff if caring, supportive, and values each of our students as individuals with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual abilities. Though the college is in its infancy yet I have courage to assure you that this institution shall conscientiously work for development of character, knowledge and wisdom. In COVID-19 crisis online teaching and learning have been used by teachers and students on an unprecedented scale. Several students participated in community service activities. The college regularly organizes multiple activities in the college which help students to nourish themselves and their talents and interests. I encourage students to participate in cultural activities, sports, and also join NSS. I extend my best wishes to all the students for their bright future.